Training Center in Margate & Gamalakhe

by worldwidesolutionz on August 6, 2014

While members were in Margate for the holiday they were able to visit the training center. We also drove through Gamalakhe, a rural village where we are working with one of our team leaders to improve the services and supplies to the villagers. Everyone had a great time! We enjoyed the holiday together.

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Video Tour of the Margate Training Center

by worldwidesolutionz on August 5, 2014

Curious about our office and Training Center in Margate, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa? Our friend and happy member Terry, who visited us last week as part of our first international group of guests, took this video tour while he was here. We think it turned out great The ladies in the green tee-shirts are some [...]


Member Tour: Give a Child a Family

by worldwidesolutionz on July 29, 2014

Member Tour of Give a Child a Family Members in town for the holiday were given a tour of the Give a Child a Family facility.


Welcome to South Africa! Member Holiday

July 29, 2014

WorldWide SolutionZ Member Holiday July 2014 Members have arrived in South Africa and we are excited for a fun holiday! We have a fun week ahead with lots of photos and some videos to share.

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It’s Holiday Time! First International Members Group Arrive in South Africa

July 23, 2014

Very exciting time for WorldWide SolutionZ, as our very first international contingent of members are due to arrive in South Africa this week! There’s been much excited chatter rippling through our member Skype rooms and Facebook groups in the lead up to this, the first of our WWSz Holidays for 2014. Those lucky members who [...]

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Uganda – At-Risk Kids in Uganda

June 19, 2014

WorldWide SolutionZ is proud to announce a new Above and Beyond special assistance project. Together with established groups and facilities in Uganda, we are empowering widowed moms and women who care for orphans. This is a dual-track project that 1) Teaches life skills to enable the women to generate income for themselves and the children in [...]

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Curious about the Kiosks?

June 12, 2014

Many of you are asking about our Kiosks, that will soon be popping up around the Margate area and further afield…. well, here’s what they are going to look like. Picture them with the WorldWide SolutionZ logo and color scheme and you will have a pretty good idea of what they will look like  

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Marketing Do’s & Dont’s

June 9, 2014

For some time we have been talking about how we market and the use of percentages and amounts in content and social media posts. It’s been the subject of some considerable debate in recent weeks, with strong opinions on both sides of the fence. We now have official confirmation that we CANNOT use percentages or [...]

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Rumors & Negative Press

June 9, 2014

We have previously addressed rumors that WorldWide SolutionZ is closing or merging or being bought out. Just to confirm it via this update as well – all of those rumors are completely false. If you do encounter such information in any form anywhere, please let us know so we can respond to it if necessary. The same goes [...]

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Withdrawal Processing

June 9, 2014

We would once again like to remind everyone that WWSz has a built-in payment window in which we will process your payment request within 3 business days. (We do not process payment requests on Saturdays or Sundays.) Anyone stating they are experiencing delays, please make sure that you are not counting South Africa Saturday / Sunday in [...]

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